Ender's Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #1 (Non-Spoiler)
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    Ender's Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #1 (Non-Spoiler)

    Like IDWs last Transformers: Prime, Dinobot romp, Rage of the Dinobots, its a little hard to tell where the connection to Transformers Prime ends and the connection to High Moons Fall of Cybertron game begins.

    This isnt a bad thing. Id just as soon this was a Fall of Cybertron comic. Frankly, if you swapped the title on the cover, thered be little reason to suspect this had any connection to Plot Hunterser, I mean Beast Hunters. Except perhaps that Transformers Prime has forgone IDWs unconscionable discrimination against female characters.

    Mixed origins aside, Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters first issue is frankly more compelling than the cartoon from which it has spun off. We return to the ruined Cybertron occasionally seen in the show to find it not quite the ghost planet it has been portrayed to be. (Maybe well find out what plot hole Megatrons zombie army fell into some issue.) Cybertron is apparently home to several settlements of Transformers, many of which have fallen in line behind our hero, Grimlock, supported by an increasingly well characterized set of Dinobots.

    Sludge can talk!

    The thrust of this first issue has to do with mysterious killings at an Autobot settlement not-so-friendly with Grimlock, due to his alterations at the hands hand, of Shockwave.

    This mystery is brought to the attention of the Dinobots by one of the settlements inhabitants, Firestar, who despite being a female Autobot, totally fails to collapse this issues fragile, robot dinosaur-driven suspension of disbelief.

    It's still not that even.

    Considering this is essentially a first, this issue is kept aloft by some surprisingly great characterization and its accompanying dialog. Sludge and Snarl have personalities! Who knew? Maybe Hasbro should make some #*$@ING TOYS of them! I digress.

    Snarl seems to be Prowl in disguise.

    The writing team who brought us Rage of the Dinobots, Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson, comes to us from the Transformers Prime show, but is having no trouble spreading their wings in this more open format. For more on them check out this Nerdist interview by Kyle Anderson.

    Augustin Padilla seems to be in his element here. His characters are consistent, personified, and in some cases unique. Theres great deal of uncharted or under-charted territory he has to navigate here, It can some time lack detail, but it plays overall, and matches the aesthetic of the show.

    Im excited about this comic, and you should be too. If youre a Dinobot fan, you should be excited twice. If youre not a Dinobot fan well, that sounds like a personal problem.

    4/5 Stars 8/10

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    I was going to wait for the trade on this one, but I reckon I'll pick it up if my comic shop has it in. Looks like a giggle.

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    Great review Ender... FINALLY the Dinobots have great characteristics!!!!! Can't say how much awesomeness Beast Hunters is.

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