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    Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus

    First off sorry for the pics, we've yet to get a good dark back drop so some of these are quite washed out, on to the figure! Ultra Magnus is a repaint of the Wave 1 Deluxe Optimus Prime figure and comes with an additional weapon in the form a 3 piece sword which can be held in hand or connected to the existing gun to form a gun blade style weapon which is huge!

    There isn't much new about the figure itself apart from a new head and paint job which seems to work really well in depicting Magnus, he just looks the part with the way the sections separate between blue and white with my only complaint being the white is extremely bright and can look a little cheap. The articulation and transformation are really nice making him capable of a range of poses. The sword can also be carried on his back making him look extra cool whilst holding his rifle and mounted on the side of him whilst in vehicle mode so he can joust with the Knights of Cybertron ???

    For a repaint Magnus is pretty darn good so we're scoring him 8/10

    If your in the UK or Europe you can buy Ultra Magnus now from site sponsor www.kapowtoys.co.uk - http://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/transform...us-p-6038.html
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