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    Kapow Toys Reviews Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Starscream

    Starscream has arrived and he is pretty darn good! I'm not a fan of the original Classics Seeker hating the way the wings had to fold down every time you wanted to pose the arms in fashion. This guy is a good size with chunky solid joints and a nice aesthetic bringing the game character to life in accurate fashion.

    Jet mode is quite a simple deal but does the job well, the gattling guns can be mounted underneath the wing giving him a mass of fire power, they even have rotating barrels. In robot mode you get some really nice articulated arms and legs but he is sadly missing a waist swivel. The guns can either be hand held or mounted on the rear of the forearm, they can also be combined to form a massive dual cannon which can be held simultaneously in both hands, they do look a little bland when split in half due to the molded inside section but its a minor gripe.

    Starscream fits in with the FOC line extremely well and could even make the jump to your Classics / Generations collection as IDW Starscream ( if your not a stickler for accuracy that is )

    Overall we score this newest rendition of a fan fave 9/10 awesome sauce.
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