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    Fall Of Cybertron Kickback

    Now this guy is definitely the star of the show along with Starscream. The only other brand new mold in Wave 3 is one of the Dinobots main foes from the FOC video game. He comes with a massive weapon in the form of an energon crossbow which which shoots the disc via a grey switch on top, the purple blades can be detached to become either handheld blades or part of Kickbacks alt mode.

    Articulation is very good, the arms have a lot of swivel and ball joints in them and the legs the same, he has no waist swivel but does have ball jointed ankles allowing a lot of cool stances. The panels on his chest and shoulders can get in the way if I'm honest but its not enough to annoy, his forearms can be slid up or down to form blades and as you can see from the pics he looks really good either way.

    Alt mode was looking a but bland from the stock images but once in hand its actually really big and hold together well, he even has a bug shell formed by the arms which I myself wasn't aware of before having it in hand.

    Kickback is nice addition to the line, he does look like he belongs in the Prime universe slightly more than the FOC one but thats not a bad thing.

    Overall Kickback scores 9/10
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