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    Fall of Cybertron Fireflight

    The Wave 3 repaint of Shockwave comes with a brand new chest, colours, weapons and head. Having had a name change to Air Raid along the way this guy seems to make a much better usage of the cybertronian ship alt mode than Shockwave did who suffered from complaints he was too small, Air Raid however does not share this fate as there is nothing to measure him against other than than the existing G1 toy which is tiny.

    Most of you will know what to expect of the articulation on this guy, it does the job and does it well, only gripe is no waist swivel. Weapon wise he comes with a modification of Shockwaves 3 pronged cannon minus a prong this forms the base of the huge sword if you can be bothered to make it out of all 3 sections, we tried but in total honesty it didn't stay together well and looked kind of pants, they do however all stand on their own very well, the small sword being of particular awesomeness. You can mount the gun on Air Raids arms with the fist introverted or simply in his hand, the swords can be hand held only. Both the gun and large sword can be stored on Air Raids back.

    Overall this is a good use of an existing mold, the weapons, head and chest have changed it enough to warrant a purchase for hardcore fans or those who do not own Shockwave, we score Air Raid - 8/10
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