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  • Toy Fair 2012 - Optimus Maximus - Weaponizers - Generations & New Kre-O

    Back from Toy Fair with very sore feet!

    First off Hasbro did a great job with the stand and Transformers had a very nice display / room all to itself, there was no photography allowed and we have respected their wishes so we'll just tell you about what you can expect in 2012, all this stuff is in the 2012 catalogue which we did ask if it was okay to tell you about and were told yes.

    1) Generations - returns with the Fall of Cybertron line, on display was a hard copy of Jazz who is a 4 wheeled Cybertronian sports car, the line is officially called Generations and the product packaging still depicts a nice drawn example of the character inside. 8 figures are confirmed for the line one of which might well be Grimlock.

    2) Prime Weaponizers - Leader Class figures. Choose from Bumblebee or Optimus Prime who was on display, these new larger scale figures feature 4 modes of play with concealed weapons, Prime himself had a set of gattling guns which can flip out from under his hood in truck mode or mount the shoulders in robot mode. They have been simplified over previous leaders so the core audience of children can transform them more easily.

    3) Optimus Maximus - bases make a return to the line with Maximus, a large scale Cyberverse Playset which doubles a fully transforming figure and base for your Cyberverse figures. Featuring light and sound features, firing rockets and launching vehicle this guy was fairly imposing standing somewhere in between Ultimate Op and a regular Leader Class figure. It looked quite bare without any Cyberverse figures locked in but you could see the gun turrets just waiting to be armed by you min faves.

    Thats about it for new stuff, what we already know and what is the core line for this year is below and its all about the Prime

    1) Cyberverse Legion

    2) Cyberverse Commander

    3) Cyberverse Vehicles

    4) Optimus Maximus

    5) RID Revealers

    6) RID Powerizers

    7) RID Weaponizers

    Other items were

    1) Battle Masks

    2) Bot Shots which is actually a really cool battle game which mixes Bakugan with rock, paper scissors, aside from the single pack figures there are Launchers, Ultimate Packs and 3 packs the idea being 2 figures are thrown together in vehicle mode than collide revealing the winning symbol.

    Transformers Prime First Edition will not be hitting UK shelves in anyway shape or form, Cliffjumper and Bumblebee were on display but display is as far as they appear to be going.


    New Kre-O sets were on display including the following

    1) Decepticon Ambush - 4 Kreon pack with small accessories and a base to battle on

    2) Cycle Chase - Prowl and 2 of his troops face off against a Decepticon, again comes with small accessory set and base

    3) Kre-O Decepticon Helicopter - the robot with no name looks a lot like Starscream in robot mode and is yellow and red, comes with 3 Kreons and quad bike

    4) Kre-O Stealth Bumblebee - new mold Bumblebee comes in black with 3 Kreons and what looks like the checkpoint from DOTM

    5) Transformers Prime Kre-O Race Car Showdown - Knock Out and Wheeljack face off in this 2 pack each with the standard Kreons mini figure.

    6) Kre-O Optimus Vs Megatron - G1 style set featuring an all new Optimus Prime vs G1 style Megatron who changes into a tank and not a walther comes with mini building and 3 kreons.

    7) Kre-O Devastator - 9 in 1 playset - a mix of G1 style robots and movie tradition means you get 4 standard robots in movie Devy colours building seperate vehicles or the might Devastator - for those worried no he doesn't look anything like the hulking movie character. Comes with a slew of Kreons and construction environment.

    Thats your lot!! nothing from Transformers the Movie which now appears to be finished, unless New York reveals different so the pain in the bottom fan that claims his dad is a buyer for Tesco and Mirage was going to be revealed can hang his head in shame, you know who you are, stop it!
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